Sophie Whettnall (b. 1973 in Belgium, where she lives and works) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is greatly influenced by painting, landscape in particular, and its durational sensorial experience.

Through performance, installation and film, she explores the relationship of the body to its surroundings.

Whettnall‘s works are silent exercises in contemplation, yet they are also often performative in their activation of the beholder.

Her main material is light and it’s elusive, disorienting and seductive effects. With it she teases our most important sense, sight, and questions the idea that seeing equals understanding.


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Robert Storr
Shadow Boxing

Sophie Whettnall in Conversation with Marina Abramović
I Show Vulnerability

Emiliano Battista in Conversation with Scott Samuelson
An Unrehearsed Adventure

Sophie Whettnall and Emiliano Battista in conversation with Carine Fol
Beauty Is Almost Taboo

Carine Fol
Sophie Whettnall – Etel Adnan. La banquise, la forêt et les étoiles

Bernard Marcelis
Boxing conversation

Claude Lorent
Le choc des contraires

Emmanuel Lambion
Drilling for Light

Maud Salembier
La jeune fille et la mort

Emiliano Battista
Longueur d’ondes

Anna Cestelli Guidi
“déplacer pour produire”. Líneas, tránsito, extravío (spanish)

Laurence D’hondt
St Jacques: un chemin 1000 fois réinventé

Miguel Caissotti
In Two Minds

Estelle Vandeweeghe
Conversation with Sophie Whettnall

Avant que j’oublie
Présentation de l’exposition